black tie Birds Eye


frozen fish has moved on from stamped, generic fish fillets smothered in crumbs. Birds Eye Deli takes things up a notch, featuring natural hand-cut Flathead and Hoki fillets, lightly enveloped in delicious deli-inspired coatings. B! Brand’s task was to capture this quantum leap, to entice current frozen consumers to step up, and to attract new users.


the premium black tone of the packs immediately positions Deli as a cut above, and works to project both branding and food imagery off pack, and indeed off shelf. Editorial style photography heroes the natural fillets at actual size, to capture the mouthwatering contrast of juicy fish and crunchy coating. And all of this is surrounded by an informal scattering of ingredients to bring the unique flavour of the coatings to life.


the new Birds Eye Deli range leaps off shelf, and presents a compelling case to entice consumers to pay a little more for natural, premium fillets.

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