‘y’ is for yoplait


despite being Australia’s favourite yoghurt brand, Yoplait had never fully maximised the impact of its extensive range at store level. A masterbrand approach to proudly project a unified front off shelf, whilst still clearly calling out the brand’s various offers was in order.


B! Brand realised the potential of the existing ‘Y’ shape by turning it into a powerful trigger for consumers to immediately recognise Yoplait. We then segmented the range by re-imagining the ‘Y’ in various guises to reflect the different range offers. So for Greek the ‘Y’ is made of mosaic tiles, for no-fat Formé an expressive brush-stoke, and Core is all about real fruit flavour.


now, shoppers instantly recognise Yoplait by the powerful ‘Y’, and then quickly navigate to their desired range via its various iterations.

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