no compromise


nothing is as constant as change. Yoplait Formé once targeted weight conscious shoppers with its ‘no fat’ offer. But today’s consumers no longer restrict themselves by counting calories, and instead focus on overall wellness. Enter Yoplait Zero.


rather than dwell on the negatives of weight management, Zero’s natural leafy backdrop, cascading fruit and ‘Y’ shaped product window, all conspire to highlight the positives of this creamy, real fruit yoghurt. Zero is the latest range to adopt the Masterbrand approach that allows shoppers to instantly recognise Yoplait by the powerful ‘Y’ shape, and then quickly navigate to their desired range via its various iterations.


a million miles from the clinical packaging of yesteryear that was synonymous with compromise and restraint, Yoplait Zero entices modern health conscious consumers with the promise of delicious, real fruit yoghurt.

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